Vision, mission, values

VISION : To be the leader
in the field of mechanized
sweepers in North America.

Develop products, incorporating technologies and designs that guarantee to the customer, product efficiency within the acquisition cost, operation and minimum maintenance.

We will achieve this mission by developing strategic alliances with influential clients as well as with key suppliers.


The values of EDDYNET are expressed and present in each of our relationships and interventions. We are proud to work for our customers and to put the customers needs F.I.R.S.T.

F for Flexibility
I for Innovation
R for Results
S for Satisfaction
T for Team


Eddynet sweepers are designed to optimize the cost of acquisition, maintenance and operational efficiency.

  • Quick coupler systems, wireless remote control, self-leveling brush system, oversized caster wheels, rugged construction and premium brushes are all elements that provide uncompromising versatility and durability.
  • Used as an accessory tool for an existing carrier vehicle, Eddynet sweepers allow optimal use of company assets by not requiring a vehicle to be dedicated to a single type of operation.
  • Direct connections and wireless remote control allow interchangeability between vehicles.
  • The choice of brushes adapted to the conditions of use, optimizes the quality of sweeping without damaging the surface, while preventing premature wear of the brushes.

You have a specific need?

EDDYNET is here for you.