Municipal equipment / public works

EDDYNET develops, in partnership with the municipal services, sweepers that adapt to existing equipment; wheel loaders, backhoes, tractors etc.

  • For sweeping streets and boulevards, EDDYNET sweepers offer uncompromising performance for a fraction of the cost of a truck sweeper.
  • For sidewalks and bicycle paths, EDDYNET sweepers are compact and very flexible.
  • For skate paths and/or skating rinks, EDDYNET offers a choice of brushes that help polish the ice while removing snow.
  • For snow removal around fire hydrants, EDDYNET offers you a patented 2 in 1 product specifically designed for quick snow removal around fire hydrants without the operator having to get out of their vehicle. The snow blower can be used with or without the articulated arm, making it a multifunctional accessory.



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Specialized equipment for airports

EDDYNET now puts its expertise in sweeping at the service of small regional airports.

Being mainly managed by municipalities, we have taken into account the availability of the carrier vehicles and the limited capacity to acquire specialized equipment such as those used in international airports.

  • For airstrips, transit and parking lanes, EDDYNET offers the high revolution FLEX series sweeper, when used with a wheel loader equipped with a high flow hydraulic pump (High Flow); 40 gpm minimum.
  • Fitted with SnowPro steel wire brushes, the FLEX angle sweeper can revolutionize at 300 RPM which allows an operational speed of 25 to 30 km/h.
  • SnowPro brushes do not require a spacer, they are made of galvanized steel and resist rotation speeds of 1000 RPM. Also since the SnowPro brushes are circular, they are easy to interchange.
  • EDDYNET also offers a specialized sweeper. The AEROBLASTER adapts to a compact loader. It has a telescopic arm equipped with two rotating brushes to loosen the snow and remove it using a high-capacity blower.



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Marine terminals

Sweeper for bulk port loading zones

Developed specifically for bulk port unloading docks, the EDDYNET self-driven pick up sweeper adapts to all types of large wheel loaders.

  • Equipped with a diesel engine and equipped with a wireless remote control, the sweeper does not require any hydraulic and/or electrical connection.
  • This pick up sweeper can be fitted with hooks for quick couplers or a support for forklift forks.
  • For environments with various and/or corrosive products, EDDYNET offers RHINO urethane coating for the inside of the body and the sub-frame.



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Sweepers for agricultural farms

Dairy farms will be happy to learn that EDDYNET has developed a cow brush for them that combines, in a single brush, the best characteristics and performance of brushes on the market.

  • The EDDYNET cow brushing/massage station offers flexibility, efficiency and durability. Fully automatic, it requires no maintenance.
  • After the numerous and frequent trips for spreading, sowing and plowing, what could be better than an EDDYNET sweeper to clean the roads to keep them safe.
  • EDDYNET manufactures specially adapted sweepers for agricultural tractors. We have models that adapt to the front or rear of the tractor according to your requirements.


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Snow removal system for semi-trailers

Coming soon, product in development.



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Construction / Industrial


Rotary mechanical sweepers for construction and industrial

EDDYNET offers a full range of sweepers for construction contractors, road infrastructure and/or road maintenance.

  • A full range of pick up sweepers built with efficiency and durability in mind, requiring minimal maintenance. EDDYNET pick up sweepers adapt to all types of wheel loaders and various types of quick couplers.
  • A full range of front-mounted, rear-mounted or tow behind sweepers are available, and this, with a vast variety of widths.
  • For companies mandated to maintain the railways (marshalling yards, loading/unloading dock), EDDYNET offers you a self-driven sweeper with gas or diesel motor which can be adapted to wagon handling tractors (Trackmobile). Fitted with SnowPro polypropylene snow brushes, these sweepers are very effective in keeping railways and switches free from snow and ice build-up.



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Custom-made.  For your needs.

Do you have a specific need for a rotary sweeper?  EDDYNET can help you develop a solution adapted to you and your needs.  Whether it is mechancial, conveyor and profiled shovels, the only limit is the one you impose on us!



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