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Self-driven angle sweeper


Product model photo 1 : PTMH24-06

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    4 seasons

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    Angle sweeper

  • Carrier vehicle strength



Versatile and powerful self-driven sweeper

Self-driven mechanical sweeper can be equipped with an electronic gasoline injection engine or a diesel engine. Both configurations are managed by a wireless remote control, which makes the unit easy to install and operate without the need for hydraulic or electrical connections.

Technical specifications :

  • Brush format : 32 inches (813 mm) in diameter
  • Widths vary according to your needs : 6 ft (183 cm) to 12 ft (366 cm)
  • Controls : wireless remote control
  • Hydraulic angulation

Additional features :

  • Choice of brushes for specific application: snow removal, sweeping of concrete/asphalt surfaces



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