Our sweepers

Mechanical front mounted / rear mounted


Product model photo 1 : PTMH24

  • Sectors


  • Types

    4 seasons

  • Uses

    Angle sweeper

  • Carrier vehicle strength

    Agricultural (- than 85 HP)


Efficient sweeping with controlled ground pressure

The PTM angle sweeping series are designed to maximize performance while minimizing brush wear. Thanks to the rear wheels, you will have better control of the pressure of the sweeper on the ground.


Technical specifications :

  • Brush format :  24 inches (610 mm) in diameter
  • Widths vary according to your needs :  54'' inches (122 cm) to 7 ft (213 cm)
  • Controls : of carrier vehicle
  • Manual or hydraulic angulation


Additional features :

  • Choice of brushes for a specific application : ice polishing, snow removal, sweeping of concrete/asphalt surfaces, weeding, etc..
  • Quick coupler depending on the vehicle
  • Optional water tanks and sprinklers for optimal dust control


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